Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jesus just left Chicago...

..or so ZZ Top is telling me this morning.

But, after having driven through there once before myself, I cannot say I'd blame him one goddamn bit. It seemed like a shithole.

It's very late (or early, according to your perspective) here in Garden City, Idaho, and I have just finished polishing off a bottle of cheap Tisdale Pinot Noir, a light red that goes well with dishes that you’d normally think of serving with white wine.

I drank the whole bottle in one sitting while munching on some locally made cheddar, which I shared with my pet rat, Buford.  Poor Buford is old and his rear legs no longer work. He's spiraling the drain and I do all I can to make him feel loved, because, even if he is a rodent, I think he understands the emotion. At least I tell myself he does because he doesn't bite me when I pick him up.

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