Friday, August 5, 2011

Letter to a friend

Dear Joey,

It's a little before 0400 here in Garden City and I have been up for about a half an hour, trying in vain to bank down quiet-desperation-induced-wanderlust, and not having much luck with that. In an effort to burn off comp time, which would have been 'swept' on to my paycheck the first week of September, I have taken tonight (which was Thursday) and tomorrow (which is in fact today, but because I work nights, it's all fucked up) off.

I would have loved to shoot over to the coast and spend some time out there, but since you're not answering my pleas to go out on the water I've decided that I am probably better employed studying for the sergeant's exam coming this Wednesday. I expect to do well on the academic portions, of course, but the "peer review" of my application will go badly and the "management review" will go even worse. My dream of mobile penury in 2218 more days seems to slip farther from my grasp with each passing day.

That said, I am not unoptimistic. I have developed a weird sense of freedom and serenity of the sort I assume is only felt by men who are about to take a risky chance on something that will be either turn out as a great success or a monumental disaster, maybe like Col Doolittle's Raid on Tokyo.

Such is life as I am seeing it through my darkened lens of depression and stagnation.

How goes the work on the house and other stuff?

Let me know.

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